How Slow is the Internet in the Philippines?

How Slow is the Internet in the Philippines?

The Philippines became connected on the Internet on March 29, 1994 and since then the development and growth have been sluggish.

Half of the population (approx. 50M) uses internet for communication, entertainment, and educational purposes.

There are around 30 ISPs in the country but only 2 giants are monopolizing the service: PLDT and GLOBE.

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How Slow is the Development?

How Slow is the Internet in the Philippines?

For two years the development is way too far compared to neighboring Asian countries. From 1.4Mbps to 3.5 Mbps and it's not even in the entire Philippine Archipelago. The average 3.5Mbps can only be experienced in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other independent cities.

Many of you might say that it is not even worst compared to South American and African countries in which according to Ookla's report Venezuela and Paraguay has an average speed of 1.6Mbps (2016 data).

What makes it worst?

THE COST! To have a decent Internet connection you need to spend at least 2000 PHP (40 USD) for a fiber optic connection (20 Mbps based on the advertisements) which is only available in high-end subdivisions and condominiums. Based on reports Europe has the fastest and cheapest internet service also approximately around the same price but with way faster connection, T.V., and mobile.

FAKE ADVERTISEMENT! In 2015, the National Telecommunications Division conducted a test on different ISPs based on the advertised broadband plans and the results were disappointing. In addition, according to the Filipino Netizens, there are unlimited plans that promise a constant speed but after you reach a certain amount of data (around 800Mb per day) you will experience slower speed.

Visit the Facebook page of the two ISP mentioned above and you will see tons of angry customer in the comment section of their posts.

Not to mention the constant disconnection, request timeout, and speed drop.

So WHY the Internet is slow?


- The Philippines is an archipelago of seven thousand plus island and building telecommunication sites are quite difficult. Also, it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, there are many faults that may cause earthquakes and it is a natural path of typhoons.

- Bureaucracy at its finest! to be able to build a cellular site an ISP has to secure permits from the smallest level of government (barangay) up to highest departments of the government. Not to mention the corruption within the government.

- Still uses old technology such as xDSL for the most part of the country. New technologies are limited to the highly developed cities.


- With the infrastructure problems, it is hard for startups to build telecom facilities.

- High fees from the government. The government collect high fees and taxes that's why foreign Internet Service Providers are reluctant in investing in the Philippines

- THE OLIGARCHS, they control most of the prices and the government cannot even regulate the prices. Due to the high demand, the ISPs are exploiting its customers with its poor service.

Hope that the problems regarding the poor Internet Service in the Philippines will be solved soon because it will help a lot of Filipinos (especially those with loved ones overseas) and the Philippine Economy.

A fast and reliable internet service will surely help the Philippines to promote itself for tourism and business that will give a boost to the economy. Might save the Philippines from poverty!

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